Each Kg Contains:

Vitamin C (99%)100 gm
Sodium Salcylate100 gm
Potassium citrate(99%)150 gm
Sodium chloride(99%)100 gm
Magnesium sulphate (99%)30 gm
Betain HCL (99 %)50 gm
Dextrose1 kg


  • The addition of salts to the drinking water is the most powerful too employed in broiler production to reduce losses caused by heat stress.
  • Provide the minerals K+, Na+ and Cl-which play essential roles in metabolism due to their participation in the osmotic balance, in the acid-base balance especially in heat stress.
  • The major effect is great disturbance of body chemistry followed by rise
    of deep body temperature expressed by panting.
  • Alleviate heat stress.
  • Prevent the reduction of performance during heat stress.
  • Push the production to the peak.
  • Stimulate the immunity.
  • Prevent the dehydration associated with heat stress.


        1 gm / liter of drinking water.


        1 kg


        keep in dry place, protected from direct light.