Each Liter Contains:

Mushroom Extract65 gm
Yucca Schidigera50 gm
Eucalyptus oil20 gm
Sorbitol110 gm
Betaglucan22 gm
Fructo oligosaccharides15 gm
Betain HCL (99 %)50 gm
DL-Methionine45 gm
Water1 Liter


  • Contains an excellent formulation from synergistic phytochemicals acting in great harmony to exert unique effect.
  • Incredibly exerts potent antibacterial and antiviral effect against poultry origin strains .
  • This potent antibacterial activity can be attributed to disintegration of the membrane of bacteria leading to the release of membrane associated materials to the external medium.
  • Contains many biologically active compounds directing to build strong immune system.
  • Very effective during the out break of the viral infections.


        1 ml / 2 liters of drinking water.


        1 liter


        keep in dry place, protected from direct light.