Each Liter Contains:

Saccharomyces cerevisiae
            Beta Glucan      37 gm
            Mos                      37 gm
150 gm
DL-Methionine50 gm
L-Lysine55 gm
Betain Hcl (90%)50 gm
L-Carnitin60 gm
Propionic acid (90%)90 gm
Formic acid(85%)130 gm
Phosphoric Acid (90%)110 gm
Sorbitol50 gm
Pentahaydrated copper sulphate10 gm
Water1 Liter


  • The mixed combination of organic acids as each acid has its specific spectrum of antimicrobial activities so this mix ensure a wide spectrum covering wide range of pathogenic micro-organism.
  • Contains a powerful biological anti-mycotoxin from (MOS) with act as adsorbent as well prebiotics improving the gut integrity and flourishing the gut flora
  • Contains high amount of beta glucan which increase the performance of the immunity system.
  • Has excellent effect against E.coli, Salmonella and Pasteurella.
  • Anti-mycotoxicoses.
  • Acidification of gastric intestinal tract.
  • Protection against many of enteric pathogens.
  • Protection from colibacillosis, salmonellosis and necrotic enteritis.
  • Increase the feed intake.
  • Improve FCR and increase protein digestion.


        1 ml / liters of drinking water.


        1 liter


        keep in dry place, protected from direct light.