Each Liter Contains:

Ammonium Chloride150 gm
Potassium Citrate(99%)95 gm
Sodium Citrate (99%)65 gm
Sodium Chloride (99%)85 gm
Betaine HCL (99 %)30 gm
Citric Acid70 gm
Magenesium Sulphate45 gm
Dl-Methionine48 gm
Vitamin B18 gm
Vitamin B26 gm
Vitamin B62.2 gm
Calcium Iodide900 mg
Distilled Water1 Liter


  • Improve the kidney performance.
  • Used in cases of renal disorders.
  • Act as renal disinfectant during the infection with infectious bronchitis disease (IBD).
  • Used as liver tonic.
  • Contains Vitamin B complex which help in improving the general vitality of the bird.
  • Used in cases of heat stress .
  • Source of important electrolytes.


        1 ml / liters of drinking water.


        1 liter


        keep in dry place, protected from direct light.