Composition Per liter:

Vitamin E3 gm
Vitamin K320 gm
Vitamin B25 gm
Vitamin B62 gm
Vitamin B12700 gm
Biotin500 gm
Nicotinic Acid3 gm
Pantothenic Acid8 gm
Folic Acid1.2 gm
Betaine (HCL)17 gm
Choline Chloride4.5 gm
Water1 Liter


  • Protect the flocks from rickets in chicks In layer farms and adult birds, birds will be protected from leg weakness and penguin like sitting posture in the case of cage layer paralysis.
  • Providing an efficient source of stable vitamins inbalanced amounts.
  • Contains vitamin A in the form of highly absorbable salt of palmitate,
  • protects the flocks from what is called nutritional roup which is characterized by conjunctivitis, oculo-nasal discharge, and eyelids stuck together with thick exudates.
  • prevents necrosis and keratinization of mucosa of alimentary and respiratory tract which is greatly and negatively impacting digestion and nutrient utilization processes.
  • Neutralize the harmful metabolic by products which are produced during metabolic processes and have negative impact on bird health


        1 ml / liter of drinking water.


        1 liter.


        Keep in dry place, protected from direct light.